MBS India

IE 6 Digital 6-Channel ECG

Style and Performance :

  • This new 6 - channel ECG will give you the power of easy - to - use, advanced technologies,
  • multiple ways for data management as well as accurate measurement and interpretation, which can enhance cardiologists diagnostic confidence.


Qualified in Clinical Demands :

  • Pacemaker detection function
  • Auto-trigger printing when an arrhythmia is detected during the exam
  • Extended additional printout to review a significant arrhythmia event after the auto ECG operation
  • Up to 300 seconds of frozen waveforms for review, especially helpful and practical in ECG exam for elder patients, fracture patients and naughty children
  • Supporting single rhythm and three rhythms analysis from 30 seconds to 300 seconds


Accuracy and Reliability in ECG interpretation

Biocare's CardioProTM ECG analysis program has been proven by official CSE database evaluation with high accuracy and reliability in measurement and interpretation.

  • The sensitivity and specificity of QRS detection and analysis are up to 99%.
  • Complete digital filters and self-adapting filtering guarantee noise elimination without waveform distortion.
  • 0.01 Hz for high-pass frequency of ECG signal contributes to undistorted ST segment measurement and analysis.
  • Exclusive analysis module for children and pediatrics with 250l-iz low-pass frequency, meets the newest standard of AHA/ACC/HRS 2007.
  • Applied the newest Minnesota code
  • Fast in defibrillation recovery less than 3 seconds


Other Important Features

  • Compact and portable design
  • 8-inch high resolution TFT LCD with touch screen
  • Full alphanumeric silicon keyboard with shortcut keys, efficient in operation
  • New platform application, great improvement in quality and performance 
  • New menu and interface style, streamlined workflow
  • Onscreen operation guide to check the ECG procedure 
  • Pacemaker detection function
  • Real-time waveform freezing available
  • Support single rhythm and three rhythms analysis
  • Extend printing once arrhythmia is detected
  • Various data formats: JPG, XML, DICOM and so on
  • Up to 1500 files saved in local memory, enlarged by SD card and USB flash disk
  • Support barcode scanner
  • ECG management software (optional)