MBS India

IE 12A Digital 12-Channel ECG

Streamlined workflow from start to finish

  • Icon buttons on the screen for intuitive operation.
  • Various report formats for printing.
  • Unique ECG data acquisition module with independent lead wires. Better in Signal quality, faster in acquisition and less cost maintenance.
  • Human voice reminder and visual alarming for lead attachment, noise interference and so on.

Efficiency in acquisition

  • Advanced 24-bit A/D converter technology, better in weak signal detection.
  • Complete filtering technology against AC, EMG interference and baseline wandering.
  • Individual lead wires can be exchanged
  • 3 operation keys for efficiency improvement and time-saving.

Excellence in measurement and interpretation

  • Biocare's CardioProTM ECG analysis program has been proven by official CSE database evaluation with high accuracy and reliability in measurement and interpretation.


Analysis for children and newborns

  • 0.05 Hz for high-pass frequency, more sensitive in weaker ECG signal detection, contributes to undistorted ST segment measurement and analysis.
  • Exclusive analysis module for children and pediatrics with 250Hz low-pass frequency, meets the latest standard of AHA/ACC/HRS 2007.


Arrhythmia detection

  • Auto-trigger printing when arrhythmia is detected under trigger mode.
  • Extending printing prompt.


R-R Analysis 

  • Upto 300 seconds R-R analysis in 1 or 3 rhythm leads for easier arrhythmia detection.
  • R-R Trend and Histogram for clinical reference.


Freeze function 

  • Up to 300 seconds of uninterrupted 12-lead frozen waveforms for intermittent arrhythmia analysis.
  • Selectable any l0 seconds for a fully interpreted report.


Cabrera lead mode

  • Cabrera mode available to orientate the original position of myocardial ischemia or arrhythmia.


Pacemaker detection

  • Identify pacemaker types and working status through ECG analysis
  • 3 status for various pacemaker types: weak, normal, enhance 
  • Automatically measure wave complex duration and amplitude.


Data management solution

  • File formats: XML, DICOM, JPG, BIOCARE private etc.
  • Internal memory can be 1500 tiles.
  • Support SD card and USB flash disk.


Other Important Features

  • Smart and portable design
  • 8.9-inch high resolution TFT touch screen with 15-degree angle, easy to view
  • Waterproof and full alphanumeric keyboard with shortcut keys, efficient in operation
  • Broad frequency response 0.05~250Hz for weaker signal recognition and capture, more suitable for pediatrics
  • Specific age and gender differential validity in Biocare CardioProTM analysis program maximizes the accuracy of the ECG interpretation 
  • Unique ECG acquisition module with 3 independent keys streamlines the whole workflow
  • ECG electrode placement diagram for lead connection guide and alarming
  • Massive local storage for up to 1500 files 
  • 3 ways of file storage: local memory, SD card, USB flash disk
  • ECG management software by LAN or WiFi (optional)