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ECG Machine : ECG-1210

As a Twelve Channel FDA Approved ECG machine of  Biocare, ECG 1210 has incorporated many details to improve its performance in routine workflow for physicians from acquisition to analysis, from display to printing. ECG 1210 will definitely give you a new impression of Twelve Channel ECG without any doubt at an extremely affordable cost. With solid build quality 1210 rarely would require a visit of a support personal. Supported by superior response system, we can easily make safe and quick deliveries within the promised time span. Our pool of veteran professionals makes certain that the quality and service of all products is superior and exceptional.


Data Management Solution

  • Internal memory can store 1500 files
  • Support SD card and USB flash disk
  • Upload data to ECG management software via WIFI (optional)


Streamlined Workflow from Start to Finish

  • Icon buttons on the screen for intuitive operation
  • Various report formats for printing


Excellence in Measurement and Interpretation

Biocare's CardioProTM ECG analysis program has been proven by official CSE database evaluation with high accuracy and reliability in measurement and interpretation.


Analysis for Adult and Pediatrics

  • 0.05 Hz for high-pass filter, more sensitive in weaker ECG signal detection, contributes to undistorted ST Segment measurement and analysis
  • Exclusive analysis module for pediatrics with 250Hz low-pass filter, meets the latest standard of AHA/ACC/HRS 2007


Arrhythmia Detection

  • Auto-trigger printing when arrhythmia is detected under trigger mode
  • Extending printing prompt


R-R Analysis

  • up to 300 Seconds R-R analysis in 1 or 3 rhythm leads for easier arrhythmia locating.
  • R-R trend and histogram for clinical reference.


Freeze Function 

  • Up l0 300 Seconds of uninterrupted 12-lead frozen waveforms for intermittent arrhythmia analysis.
  • Selectable any 10 seconds for a fully interpreted report.


Cabrera Mode

  • Cabrera Mode available to orientate the original position of myocardial ischemia or arrhythmia.


Pacemaker Detection

  • Configure pacemaker types and types and working status through ECG analysis
  • 3 status for various pacemaker types: weak, normal, enhance
  • Automatically measure wave complex duration and amplitude

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